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Codes and requirements 2016

Second category marking of safety shoes includes, besides the “S”, other letters or numbers that certify specific requirements.

SB is the code that certifies the basic requirements shared by all safety footwear marked S:
– height of the upper
– toe cap (minimum length, minimum load bearing base) intended to protect against impacts with an energy level of 200 Joules
– upper made of at least split leather or the like
– front lining
– insole
– insole of any type of material (can be smooth)
– the upper in low footwear can be open.

SB footwear is not antistatic and does not have shock absorption properties on the heel.

S1 is the code that distinguishes the models which, in addition to the basic requirements (SB) warrant antistatic properties and shock absorption of the heel region.

S1P is the rating for models which, in addition to the S1 requirements include a sole fitted with puncture-proof plate.

S2 is the rating for models which, in addition to the S1 requirements include a water resistant upper (WRU).

S3 is the rating for models which meet SB + S1 + SP1 + S2 requirements.

S4 and S5 are the ratings for rubber or PVC boots that meet requirements SB + S1 + S2, in the case of S4, with the addition of puncture-proof plate in the case of S5 rating.

The protection classes must in any case be accompanied by one of three non-slip levels: SRA, SRB or SRC. The highest level is SRC and the Sparco Teamwork models meet this requirement.
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