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Safety Guide

Your pair of Sparco shoes is studied to be efficient, good-looking and, of course, long-lasting. But the safety of your foot and of your shoes also depends on some good habits.


Some suggestions will seem to you as taken for granted. Safety means never taking anything for granted.

  1. Clean your Sparco shoes regularly, especially if you have happened to use them in extreme conditions, for example in mud or in contact even only accidental with corrosive substances. The ideal would be to do this every day, just one minute a day will lengthen their life and splendour by several days.
  2. Use specific products for suede, nubuck or smooth leather regarding both the cleaners and brushes to use.
  3. Do not overlook also carefully cleaning the soles, wash them with water and help drying using absorbent paper. Do not use hot jets of air as this ruins the soles and might compromise the efficiency of the shoe.
  4. Keep your Sparco shoes away from sunlight, in a dry airy place to aid correct drying after use, both outside and inside.
  5. Every day check your shoes before and after use, both inside and outside to make sure there are no breaks or damage of any kind, such as unstuck parts or broken stitches. This operation is fundamental for your safety but also to prevent more serious or definitive breaks or damage.
  6. Do not in any way alter the shoe design, do not stick labels, do not make holes and do not colour them: an apparently meaningless alteration might change the certified properties of the shoe, with unforeseeable consequences on your safety.
  7. Before wearing your shoes make sure they are dry inside and outside and do not contain dirt, insects, chips or other small objects that might harm the foot.
  8. If the sock is wrong, there is no shoe that can warrant the comfort of your foot. A damaged or ill-fitting sock can cause irritations, small blisters, pain and and ruin your day. You alone know the best material for your feet: cotton, mixed wool, synthetic… in any case the foot must stay dry.
  9. Change your socks every day: even if you have the feeling they are absolutely clean, a few hours are enough to start the formation of microorganisms and bacteria that can cause bother to your feet or to the shoe, with consequences like fungi, skin irritations or bad smells.
  10. When you wash your feet dry them very carefully: also excess moisture on the skin quickens the creation of bacteria and microorganisms.
  11. If a shoe is uncomfortable or does not adapt to your foot, do not make it do just the same. Walking comfort involves both wellbeing and safety we should never settle for a compromise.
  12. If you have any doubts about the most appropriate model for your job, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sparco Teamwork Customer Service: we will be happy to give you all the information to help you choose the most suitable Sparco model.
  13. When a pair of safety shoes has had its day, do not hesitate to change them: on matters of safety the guard should never be lowered.
  14. Never underestimate trouble, however small, with the feet. The foot is like an indicator and its indisposition can be caused by bad habits in performing day-to-day work but also by trouble due to other organs: if a pain does not go away, see your practitioner or podiatrist and orthopaedic specialist.