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TOTAL COMFORT safety shoes

When designing shoes for the world of competitions, where nothing can be left to chance and the details make the difference, the quest for perfection becomes a habit.
The total comfort of Sparco Teamwork shoes is the result of this habit.
• The uppers are made with top quality natural leathers, smooth full grain leather, velour suede.
• The use of porous materials and transpiring mesh linings offers the utmost breathability leaving the foot dry
• Rounded heel to facilitate driving and bending. The rounded heel of our models is much more effective than the classical cut heel featured in the design of most rival models
• MONDOPOINT 11.50: mondopoint is an international index that relates the length of the shoe with the width of the foot sole. The higher the mondopoint the more comfortable is the shoe.
90% of safety shoes have a mondopoint of 11 or lower.
• Energy absorption at the heel: the polyurethane cushion on the heel area protects the foot more effectively, absorbing shocks at the heel coming from either below or behind
• The top quality insole with padded heel ensures greater comfort and the injected sole leaves more space for the insertion of any specific arch supports.